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The Peerless Building


The Peerless Building, formerly home to Peerless Pump Company, honors its original owner’s legacy in both name and ethos, offering Fresno’s entrepreneurs the ideal setting to pursue their own stories. That drive to create something great is what inspired the building’s renaissance.

Brick. Concrete. Smooth white walls and an abundance of natural light.

These elements make up the modern-day Peerless Building, along with the infrastructure and space to support the work of its tenants. Glimpses of the past are apparent throughout the area, like roll-up doors, warehouse-style windows, lofty ceilings and remaining heavy equipment. Still, the effect is entirely fresh. 18 spaces fill its 30,000 square feet, ranging in size and design to suit the needs of their occupants, all with the goal of supporting creative work. From manufacturing and invention to artistry and culinary pursuits, the Peerless Building provides a place for makers to thrive.

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